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Toxic Plants

Cats can be deadly to plants, but more than a few plants are quite capable of getting revenge. Hear what the ASPCA/National Animal Poison Control Center, a source for veterinarians, says are some of the bad seeds. Most "just" make your pet sick, but a few of them can kill. If your pet has tangled with any of these, call your veterinarian. Don't forget: Even "good" plants can cause problems if they've been sprayed with insecticide. Browse the ASPCA's Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List for additional information.

Aloe Vera Dumb Can Miniature Croton
Amaryllis Dracaena Palm Mistletoe
Andromeda Japonica Dragon Tree Morning Glory
Apple Seeds Elephant Ears Mother-in-Law's Tongue
Apricot Pit Emerald Feather Narcissus
Asparagus Fern English Ivy Needlepoint Ivy
Autumn Crocus Fiddle-Leaf Fig Nephthytis
Avocado (fruit & pit) Flamingo Plant Nightshade
Azalea Foxglove Norfolk Pine
Baby Doll Ti Fruit Salad Plant Oleander
Baby's Breath Geranium Onion
Bird of Paradise German Ivy Peace Lily
Bittersweet Glacier Ivy Peach Plant
Branching Ivy Gladiola Pencil Cactus
Buckeye Glory Lily Philodendron (all varieties)
Buddhist Pine Hawaiian Ti Plum Plant
Caladium Heavenly Bamboo Plumosa Fern
Calla Lily Hibiscus Pothos (all varieties)
Castor Bean Holly Poinsettia
Ceriman Honeysuckle Precatory Bean
Cherry Plant Hurricane Plant Primula
China Doll Hyacinth Privet
Chinese Evergreen Hydrangea Rhododendron
Christmas Cactus Impatiens Ribbon Plant
Christmas Rose Indian Laurel Sago Palm
Chrysanthemum Indian Rubber Plant Schefflera
Cineraria Iris String of Pearls/Beans
Clematis Japanese Yew Sweet Pea
Cordatum Jerusalem Cherry Taro Vine
Corn Plant Kalanchoe Tomato Plant
Crown Vetch Lillies (all varieties) Tulip
Cyclamen Lily of the Valley Weeping Fig
Daffodil Marble Queen Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Plant
Daisy Marijuana Yucca
Day Lily Mexican Breadfruit
Devil's Ivy

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