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Laser Surgery/Use of the Surgical Laser

Concerned about the discomfort of surgery? We know how you feel. We have cats too!

You're scheduling an elective procedure for your cat, you know the procedure needs to be done, but you're having second thoughts because of the associated pain and discomfort. We understand because we hear those kind of concerns every day from conscientious cat owners like you.

Did you know that most surgical procedures can now be performed with a laser? Yes! That same tool that is used in human medicine has been adapted for use on animals. We have always made great efforts to lessen the discomfort to pets undergoing surgery. However, with new technology we can do even better! Laser surgery makes it better for several reasons:

  • Seals Nerve Endings! Lasers cut tissue with a beam of light, which seals the nerve endings so the cat's post operative pain is potentially greatly reduced. ("I was 'sold' right away on the laser when my own 'Magnolia', my first laser patient, bounced back to normal so quickly-within hours after her mastectomy" - Dr. Currigan) Although we in general try to discourage the routine declawing of cats, we understand that not declawing is not an acceptable choice for some owners who have exhausted all other options. For this particular surgical procedure use of the laser most definitely reduces post-operative pain, (though we still utilize aggressive pre-op and post-op pain management). Additionally the use of the laser eliminates the need (in most cases) for post-operative paw bandaging which cats so dislike, because there is so little bleeding vs. a "non-laser" declaw.
  • Seals Blood Vessels! Lasers also seal blood vessels as they cut so there is usually no need for bandaging after surgery. (Declaws, etc.)
  • Seals Lymphatic Vessels! Lasers seal the lymph vessels in the skin, which nearly eliminates any swelling after surgery.
  • A "No Touch" Delivery System! Lasers cut without touching which eliminates much of the trauma associated with standard techniques.
  • More Precise! Lasers allow the surgeon to be able to perform surgery with more precision.
  • Faster recovery! The usage of the CO2 LASER for surgery will speed up the recovery of almost any surgical procedure. Cats undergoing laser surgery generally recover faster with fewer side effects. Less bleeding, less pain, and less swelling allow for faster recovery. We are attempting to adapt laser technique to as many procedures as possible. We are currently using it regularly for spays, castrations/neuters, declaws, and other major surgeries such as mastectomies.

The Cost For Laser Surgery? Yes, it does cost a little more. However with the improvement in recovery time and the reduction of side effects, the overall expense may not be that much different. The laser option fee varies depending on the surgical procedure, so if you are interested or have any questions, please inquire.

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