Patients must be current on vaccinations or they will be administered at the owner’s expense as recommended by the attending veterinarian. (Rabies vaccinations are required by law for cats living in Cook County).

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Intravenous fluids

Intravenous fluids given during surgery help maintain normal blood pressure and allow rapid administration of drugs should an emergency situation arise. For all surgical procedures, an intravenous catheter is placed. This necessitates shaving a small patch of fur from a front leg. In most cases, the fur will grow back within the next few weeks.

Microchip Identification

Microchipping your cat will enable identification if he/she is ever lost. A data chip approximately the size of a rice grain is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades and can be scanned for owner and veterinarian information. Would you like us to microchip your cat while under sedation?

Pain Management

We will automatically administer prophylactic (preventative) pre and post-operative pain injections and pain medications will be sent home for any procedures deemed to be associated with any degree of pain for your cat.

Because it may affect the type of pain medication (if necessary) that is sent home with your cat, please notify one of our staff members if there are children in the home.

Surgical Treatment Plan Estimate

Authorization to Perform Surgery

Procedures requiring anesthesia always carry a degree of risk, whether the patient is a person or a cat, including the fact that the use of anesthesia as part of the procedure may cause injury or death to my cat. The likelihood of anesthetic complication is extremely low, and in most cases, anesthetic complications are manageable and not life threatening.

I authorize Cat Hospital of Chicago to perform the surgical procedure(s) as described above. The nature of such services has been described to me to my satisfaction and I realize that no guarantee nor warranty can ethically or professionally be made regarding the results or cure. I also authorize the hospital staff in an emergency situation to follow through with such procedures as are necessary for the well-being of my cat on a continuing basis until further communication with me. I understand that I assume financial responsibility for all services rendered.