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Drop Off Services

Drop OffOur Drop-Off Services Available to You

Do you have a busy schedule that won’t allow you the flexibility of setting up a specific time for an appointment with us, whether it be for preventive care (semiannual examination and vaccines) or for an emergency with your cat? ? If so, we welcome drop-off patients. We can contact you either before or after your cat has been examined by our veterinarian, discussing diagnostic and treatment plans, costs, etc.

We provide ‘daycare’ accommodations based on your cat’s personality and/or stress levels while with us. We offer multiple options. Some cats prefer to hang out in an exam room during their time with us (space-permitting). Others prefer a private area (such as sole use of one of our small wards off of our treatment room with cages – but with free run of the room with cage doors open). Yet others may prefer hanging out in one of our spacious boarding cages, or in a quiet office area.

Note that there is a day boarding fee for drop off patients. Please contact us at 773-539- 9080 for additional information.

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